2020 Facebook cover photo template

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Facebook cover page Photoshop and jpg template 2020

Facebook cover 2020 template

If you have clients that need social media marketing produced, then this is that one template that everyone needs. If your client isn't on Facebook in some capacity, you might want to have a chat to them about their digital marketing strategy.

Mark. “Do you know the sizing specs for Facebook cover?”


The number of times I have heard this and pointed fellow colleagues to our toolbox of tricks. One of our brand pillars, when Neon Collective was created, was to help and provide a platform for clients to learn and grow themselves. We are slowly growing our repository of templates, tools and “best practice” resources to share with the community, to help, grow and nurture. So why not start off with a template that we always use for our clients social media marketing.

Free – get your Facebook cover image for 2020:

Pixel dimensions don’t matter.
Just make it big so that Facebook’s jpg engine doesn’t compress it into a pixelated mess.

  • The template zip file attached is 1200px x 674px in both PSD (Photoshop) and JPG
  • This format will create a jpg that works on desktop and mobile

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