Optimise your website – free image compression tool

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Optimise your website with a free image compression tool

Compress your images for web

Do you have a website that is running... slow? Have you checked your images to see if there optimised for web?

I’m bored now, get me out of here.

Let’s be honest nothing screams annoying like waiting for a website page to load. Compressing your images will help with your load time on your website and prevent users from leaving in droves. 

Optimise for Google

Another great reason you should optimise your images is for Google and other search engines. 

With any website that Google scans with their bots, page speed load is still an important factor for ranking your website higher. Images being a resource that can take up a lot of download bandwidth, it’s really important to make sure that they are “crunched” as far as possible.

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