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Healthy growth

KC Health is a tailored, fitness and mindset programme that embraces health as a wild and never-ending adventure. The business is built on the idea that fitness is joyful, food should be savoured and life is to be cherished. To help their clients reach their goals, they wanted to deliver customised information in a highly professional package. This was achieved through the creation of a editable digital pdf that could easily be personalised to meet the needs of each client. By doing so we managed to create high quality engagement while helping to automate a process that was previously manual.

Giving the brand a voice

From process to Personalisation

Every KC Health client is on a unique journey with their own individual goals they want to achieve – be it physical or mental. With this in mind, we came up with a process that would all the business to visually personalised each of their journeys, providing them not with just a template, but an individual weekly booklet that was tailored just for them.

The uptake


Individually designed programmes produced since program launch


KC Health are seeing a repeat customer rate of over 90% since launch

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