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Branding that converts

PERSUIT is Australian start-up creating a new playing field for large corporates looking to achieve maximum value when engaging outside legal services. Their innovative platform allows clients to prepare and issue ‘Requests For Proposal’ to multiple law firms simultaneously. The PERSUIT service allows the client to make data driven comparisons of all proposals.

Neon Collective was engaged by the PERSUIT team to create a website that could succinctly tell the brand’s unique story,  showcase the advantages of the platform and provide  a lead generation funnel to support the start-up’s marketing efforts. A key focus of the design was to mirror the style and simplicity of the application within the website’s UX.

“Neon Collective simplified and visualised the core value proposition in a way we’d been trying to do for years.”

Justin Lawson – Co-Founder & CEO

Achievements since website revamp


of the Global 100 Law Firms have submitted proposals on the PERSUIT


PERSUIT launches its first full marketing campaign ‘Kill-Bill-Able Hour’ at CLOC Vegas (fire warden is forced to turn away attendees at PERSUIT’s demo session)


PERSUIT now partners with 15+ Fortune 100 companies


of the Global 200 Law Firms have submitted proposals on PERSUIT


Voted #6 most innovative company in the world. (enterprise category)

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